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New Realm! Blizzlike 1x PvP - August 13 2018

We will be opening a new realm which will be strictly blizzlike with 1x rates, PvP realm type. It will run on the same source as the 7x realm and development for both realms will be simultaneous. We will be polling the community for naming the new realm soon.

PTR 1x is up and it features GM commands to aid players in testing. Here is the list of commands:
• .levelup [#levels] - Levels up once if no number specified
• .maxskill - Maxes out all your combat skills
• .tele [location] - Type part of or full name of desired location
• .additem [#item id or link] - Item IDs can be found in wowhead links
• .mod money [#amount] - Amount is in copper, 1000 equals to 1 gold
• .cheat god - You stop taking damage
• .damage [#amount] - Deal specified amount of damage to target

Launch Date: September 20 2018, 6 PM GMT (2 PM ET).

Re-Launch Updates - July 23 2018

We will be Re-Launching on Tueday, July 24 2018, at 6 PM GMT (2 PM ET). All bugs, major and many minor as well, are going to be fixed before launch. In addition, server rates will be updated as follows:
• 7x XP and Spell Cost Reduction.
• 3x Green Item Drops
• 2x Proffession Skill Gains
Also, the realm is going to be Cross-Faction while the peak population is lower than 500. All changes are permanent.

Launch Info & Announcements - July 17 2018

With 3 days left until launch, we have a couple of updates and announcements to share.

First is regarding launch. As previously announced, it is going to take place on July 21 6 PM GMT 2 PM ET. The server is going to be located in the Netherlands and the PTR is already running on that machine as of yesterday. The PTR is going down 30 minutes to an hour before launch.

The second announcement we would like to make is that the provided level 1 mounts are going to be changed. The new set of mounts are going to be the pre patch 1.4 no longer obtainable mounts varied for each race. Because 1.4 mounts did not account for Undead and the newer TBC races, they are going to get Human or Orc mounts depending on faction in addition to their regular race specific mounts.

Third announcement is that we are rewarding early players on Valor. Everyone who reaches level 70 with 2 weeks after launch will get a Swift Spectral Tiger mount. Holders of accounts created during PTR period will also get the trading card game exclusive Tabard of Nature (in Valor green color!) in addition to the tiger mount. There is no account based limit meaning multiple 70 characters on the same account will each be rewarded individually.

I would also like to thank everyone for all the support.We are looking forward to launch and we will see you soon. - The Valor Team.

Valor WoW TBC PvE Server

We have a vision for Valor WoW to be a server where the hassle of slow and repetitive leveling is greatly reduced and counteracted so that players could get to the exciting parts of the game much quicker, all without straying away from the genuine Blizzlike experience or sacrificing the game’s original style.

Special Features:
• 2.4.3 TBC Progressive Server. PvE (or Normal) Realm Type.
PvP is not eliminated. PvE realm type only means that you cannot be attacked by members of the opposing faction in contested territories.

• 7x XP and Trainer Cost Reduction. All other rates remain unchanged (1x).
Buying certain items like reagents while on a linear leveling rate may mean having to grind a little for gold. That is normal and expected as the XP rate increase does not mean the game is set to super easy mode, that happens on 1x as well.

• Epic Mount on Level 1.
This helps in questing at lower levels when objectives are far apart. It helps speed up leveling and combats slow walking boredom. First mount, which varies by character race, is provided on first login.

To join Valor, create your account and change your realmlist. It is recommended that you clear the game cache folder. Join our forums for discussions and bug reports. We wish you a great experience at Valor WoW! - The Valor Team.